Magic Materials Exhibit

Project BlackBox will be exhibited as part of the Magic Materials Exhibition at the Science Gallery in Dublin.  MAGICAL MATERIALS will delve into the mysterious and captivating properties of materials science, taking visitors on a journey of metals that behave like fluids, fabrics that power electronic devices and the potential of invisibility cloaks – meta […]

Smart Geometry 2012

    Beyond Mechanics Smart Geometry 2012 Cluster Champions:  Mariana Ibanez / Simon Kim / Nick Puckett The Beyond Mechanics Cluster at Smart Geometry 2012 developed wearable, responsive prototypes using shape-memory polymer.  The workshop used Project Blackbox to design and create custom polymers on site that allowing the response temperature to be determined as part […]

Distributed display tracking – first prototype

This experiment is the first working prototype in our research into combining Kinect, Unity, and Android to design intelligent environments that relay information to individuals through local screens rather than a single projection.  The goal is to move away from the typical setup of the Kinect that is based on a singular screen that all […]

BlackBox Exhibition at the Univ. of Calgary

  Kasian Gallery – University of Calgary Dept. of Environmental Design   Nick Puckett / AltN Research + Design Development Team: Anton Bakerjian, Ian McHone Partner: BioActive Devices Laboratory at the University of Kentucky Images: Michael Haas   Project BlackBox is addressing the issue of responsiveness at the building scale by creating smart surfaces that […]

Kinect Research Framework

The Kinect Research Framework is an open toolset  for developing new interfaces to media and spaces using the Kinect.  It is based around skeleton / hand tracking servers written in Processing using simpleopenni that can send the tracking data to any program that can receive TCP/UDP data.  The goal for the project is to create […]

Lecture / Workshop – University of Arkansas

Nick recently gave a lecture/workshop cosponsored by the School of Architecture and the Department of Computer Science at the University of Arkansas. The lecture highlighted Puckett’s recent work with “active” building materials such as grass, shape-memory polymer, bacteria, algae, and hydrogel.  The two-day workshop introduced programming techniques for using the Kinect in conjunction with Arduino […]

acadia 2011

The ACADIA 2011 Annual Conference will explore integrative trajectories and areas of overlap that have emerged through computation between design, its allied disciplines of engineering and construction, and other fields, such as computer science, material science, mathematics and biology. The conference will highlight experimental projects in which methods, processes, and techniques are discovered, appropriated, adapted, […]

Active Patterns

Active Patterns is a study in the use of shape memory polymers as a responsive facade material. The temperature at which the material is determined by us in the lab by altering the ratio of its chemical makeup. The overall “behavior” is thus programmed through the geometry of the pattern cut/scored into the polymer. Future […]

Project BlackBox – Development

BlackBox Development:  Stage 1 Project BlackBox is a production device which allows the creation of 1:1 panels of shape-memory polymers and hydrogels.  The goal for the device is to transfer properties and behaviors developed as “material samples” and scale them up to usable “material prototypes”.  In collaboration with the Dept. of Chemical Engineering at the […]

FieldCondition v3

FieldCondition is a research project which investigates the potential of custom fabrication devices in relationship to an active material. This iteration of the device focuses on changing the control mechanism for the cutting head from a linear actuation system to a custom-made 4-axis arm. The system also updates the control algorithms which control the cutting […]