Magic Materials Exhibit

Project BlackBox will be exhibited as part of the Magic Materials Exhibition at the Science Gallery in Dublin.  MAGICAL MATERIALS will delve into the mysterious and captivating properties of materials science, taking visitors on a journey of metals that behave like fluids, fabrics that power electronic devices and the potential of invisibility cloaks – meta materials that can potentially disappear before your eyes. Nanotechnology will also be a big focus of the exhibition and applications of material science.
A four week long exhibition, MAGICAL MATERIALS will reveal some of the research and outcomes of materials science labs to produce objects that have properties beyond our everyday understanding of matter. From metals that remember their shape to silicon nitride that can smash concrete, MAGICAL MATERIALS will reveal the structures of these materials, which give them their unique properties.


  1. BlackBox Exhibition at the Univ. of Calgary
  2. AltN Research @ PostFact
  3. acadia 2011
  4. Smart Geometry 2012
  5. Lecture / Workshop – University of Arkansas

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