Technarte 2011

AltN will be at TechNarte 2011 presenting  REGENERATE

Regenerate examines the relationship of digital animation to a physically responsive material. It utilizes the Field Condition augmented mower which was developed as a fabrication method for the computer controlled cutting of grass to create multi-scalar, responsive relief sculptures.

At the heart of this research is the ambition to create a software framework to allow artists and designers to design, build, and control highly specialized fabrication systems. Other open-source fabrication projects such as Rep Rap or the Makerbot are focused on creating open frameworks for pre-existing production typologies such as CNC cutting or 3d printing. This project looks to extend the possibilities of computer-controlled production by shifting the control interface of these systems from geometry to animation. Typically digital production systems are activated by code which is generated from the processing of 2D or 3D geometry, but with the Field Condition system the output is controlled through digital animation software (In this case Maya). This builds upon previous work done with Robofold to develop control software for the robotic folding of sheet metal. By shifting the complexity of the control to a framework of animation, it allows users to implement their methods directly while also leveraging computational analysis tools.


Technarte is an international conference on art and technology that has been taking place in Bilbao from 2006. After five editions, Technarte has become one of the most important events of its kind in Europe.  The main aim of Technarte is to present technological developments that enhance a broader expression of modern art, and to provide a forum for debate and reflection on the convergence between technology and art.  In Technarte, the interaction between Technological Innovation and Contemporary Art applies to reality; the state-of-the-art technological innovations allow artists to explore endless possibilities; and the technological society uses the creativity of the artists as an inspiration to new technological projects.

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