Field Condition v2


Field Condition is the current prototype in an ongoing research project to develop new interfaces and hardware for creating custom fabrication Devices.  It builds on work done with Robofold to rethink digital fabrication as a system of animation.  To do this the control code is created in Maya as a keyframe animation that is either created directly or generated from a guide surface.  By creating the controls as an animation curve designers may visualize and adjust the fab sequence on a frame-by-frame basis allowing for both direct and computational fabrication decisions.  Field condition seeks to push the boundaries of fabrication methods by shaping a rapidly regenerating material:  grass.  By adjusting its height an angle over the course of the cut, the mower can cut 3d patterns over an infinitely scalable surface.  This is possible because the cutting mechanism is pushed by a human operator who must read the onboard speed and heading data to coordinate the speed of the actuators.

Field Condition Team:  Anton Bakerjian, Ian McHone

mower with onboard control interface
mower with onboard control interface
Fabrication through keyframing positions over each strip
possible cut pattern
possible cut pattern



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