CoD Graduation Show



Last Friday the College of Design opened its end of year show at LOT. The show featured work from the graduate studio I co-taught with Erick Carcamo of X|Atelier.

Over a 2 week period the World Equestrian Games will increase the population of Lexington by approximately 400% and radically alter the city’s notion of infrastructure, commerce, and circulation. In response to this scenario, the studio undertook an investigation into the relationship of excessive digital form making and manipulation via interactive devices to develop temporary structures and programs throughout the city. The methods examine how sensing and tracking technologies can augment the design process and extend the potential for architects to deal with extreme scenarios.


Anton Bakerjian
John Haas
Christopher Harris
William Hart
Jonathan Lee
Matthew Long
John Mason
Heather Micallef
Bobby Morris
Matthew Nett
Andrew Owens
Myra Shuffett


  1. Folding Production – Robofold for Studio Laarman

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