Sensor Input for Maya

ardFlashSetupPart 1 – Setup and Security

To allow the various pieces of software/hardware to connect you must set up a few things beforehand.  You should only have to do this once.

STEP1:  Install Maya Browser Plugin.  Open Maya,  goto  HELP-> Browser Setup Asssistant.

Click Install Automatically

STEP2:  Follow the instructions HERE to set up the security setting for Maya and your web browser.

STep3: Open the arduinoMaya_v2.html file.  If it does not prompt you with a security warning: Right-click and click Settings. then click Advanced

You will need to be connected to the internet and it should bring up a page that looks like this:

flash security

Select Global Security Settings Panel.

Click Always Allow.

Edit Locations -> Add Location

Then Navigate to the folder where the html file is located.

PART2:  Connecting

Make sure you are using the latest Flash/Arduino Files  –  get them  HERE

STEP1:  Make sure you have the new arduino file loaded onto the board.

Step2: Run the Serial Proxy.  This connects the Arduino Data to Flash.

I gave you 2 options, TinkerProxy and SerProxy.

TinkerProxy is easier to set up, but runs slower.  You can get more info on proxies HERE

Regardless of which one you use the settings should be:

Baud:  57600

NetPort:  5331

STEP3: Open the html page: arduinoMaya_v2

use the checkboxes next to the sensor numbers to turn on the sensor reading.  You should then see the changing value as a number and a graph.

STEP4: Open Maya.

Run the createSensorNode script to create the sensorInput Node

Go to the Html page and click: connect to Maya

you should now see the values coming into the sensorInput node

you can adjust the outputs by adjusting the inputMin/inputMax  and the outputMin/outputMax   values on the s1, s2,… sub objects

To connect the values to your existing systems you would use the expression editor.

For example  to connect the value of sensor1 (analogue 0) to a polySphere you could write


NOTE: ITs best to set up all of your connections first and then click connect to maya.  Don’t leave it connected while you are modelling etc.

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