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Earlier in the summer I began an ongoing collaboration with Chora as part the exhibit for the Xiamen Energy Masterplan at the International Energy Efficiency in Building Expo in Xiamen, China.   My contribution was to develop the interactive elements for the master plan model.  The model itself measured approx 3m X 3m and was created entirely from SLS rapid prototyped tiles.  I worked to add an interactive layer via LEDs and screen-based information.  Approximately 600 LEDs were located under the SLS tiles and converted the completely white model surface into an interactive diagram.  Beyond the color of each typology of the development, the indvidualt projects, technologies, or infrastructures proposed developed unique light patterns as users interacted over the course of the expo.  At the same time, suppplementary information was displayed on the corresponding screens.  The goal for the model was to create a new typology of masterplanning tool which can function a mediator between the governmental agency and the public as well as a new method for developing the programs themselves.


Early studies, which tested the relationship of various types of LED with the SLS prototyped tile.


Prototyping unit developed using Arduino,  5 LEDs, and 5 pushbuttons.


Model base being built in Xiamen.


All the LEDs were then placed at the corresponding location on the grid, attached to the corresponding support rod and then wired through the model to attach to the controllers.


View undeneath the model


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