LightMaps – converts lighting data of a surface to an image file using the rendering engine.
-you can animate the lights and generate a series of maps that show the changing conditions
-the maps are named so that they can be used as an animated texture on the surface
download HERE

To use it:
(Assuming you already have the lights animated)
copy the entire script and execute it (ctrl+enter)

First make a material which calculates the light intensity by running from the script editor:


this will make a new lambert with the right connections to it to calculate.
apply this material to the surface you want to calculate for.

The other procedure calculates the lighting over whatever range of frames you specify. The format of it is

calcLight(start frame, end frame)

For example if you wanted to calculate the maps from frame 1 to frame 50:

select the surface
shift select the material


it creates the individual maps and names them with the current date and time.
it also formats the name so that it can be used as an animated file sequence
it saves the maps into your project directory underĀ  source images, or if you have hypershade open you can see them all.


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